Crypto Judaism Baby Shower Devils Tsimtsum Jehovahs Witness

Evangelicalism, Jehovahs Witnesses and Crypto-Judaism linking Birthdays and Baby-Showers

Jehovahs Witness, Crypto-Judaism and Evangelicalism. Same thing? Let's look at baby showers, birthdays and Jesus Christ.

Jehovahs Witness Cult Brainwashing

Warning: Basic Religious Cult Brainwashing Techniques & Stages

Through media and movies  many people see brainwashing as an evil practice that is done by those who are trying to corrupt, influence, or to gain power. This isn't entirely unture. Others who believe in the power of brainwashing hold that people all around them are trying to control their minds and their behaviour. For … Continue reading Warning: Basic Religious Cult Brainwashing Techniques & Stages

Jehovahs Witness Black Ops: Fake “Ex Jehovahs Witnesses”, infiltrating and disrupting Christian Fellowships

Are ex Jehovahs Witnesses infiltrating your Christian fellowship? Check our list of signs for the JW Trojan Horse attack on Christianity. Jehovahs Witness are seemingly joining their close relatives the Freemasons with black ops that subvert Christianity.

Freemasons Jimmy Saville Flat Earth and Charity

Things Freemasons Say And Do Part.2 – Tsimtsum, Ram in Thicket, the Veil of Charity and Flat Earth

Flat earth and Freemasonry, the meaning of the anthropomorphic faces in Masonic art and architecture, the Ram in Thicket and the veil of Masonic charity covered in part 2 of our look at Freemasons and their weird ways.

jewish speculators caricature elders of zion freemasonry goy cattle

Freemasons, The Jewish Puppet Show or Hasidic Judaism for the Gentiles?

Jewish mysticism plays a huge part in Freemasons general fakery and misdirection although they without doubt use some level of witchcraft, Feng Shui and Qabalah. What is astounding is that they are such willing puppets to Israel. The Protocols of Zion The partially fake protocols are as any good lie would have, partial truth in … Continue reading Freemasons, The Jewish Puppet Show or Hasidic Judaism for the Gentiles?