SCHOFIELD & TOYBOY LOVER: ‘Brave’ TV Host ‘Only Came Out After AFFAIR with RUNNER Was About To Be Exposed’

Slippery veteran presenter Phillip Schofield only decided to come out to the nation on Friday after his affair with a young This Morning runner was about to be exposed, it has been claimed.

Matthew Mcgreevy Phillip Schofield Gay Affair
Young Matthew Mcgreevy and Phillip Schofield are alleged to have been conducting a secret gay affair.

Veteran host Schofield, 57 is alleged to have been in a firey affair with a young male runner called Matthew Mcgreevy who it is claimed is “furious” that Schofield had apparently ‘f*cked him over’ and was ready to go to the press thus prompting Schofield to go into damage limitation and control the narrative himself. Information about Schofields alleged affair with the young gay show runner was apparently common knowledge with ITV staff and at the BBC, a corporation still reeling from the Jimmy Saville pedophile revelations from 2011.

Jimmy Saville Phillip Schofield BBC Gay Affair
The BBC has been dogged with rumours of affairs and sexual misdemeanours, most memorably with pedophile Jimmy Saville in 2011.

Matthew Mcgreevy, Phillip Schofield Lovers Bust Up

It is claimed that McGreevy who was just 18 when he met Schofield in 2004, had an unusually ‘close working-relationship’ with the 52 year old presenter but after they had a ‘lovers bust up’ the studio runner moved from This Morning to work with ITV on the show Loose Women.

An insider reported to The Daily Star Sunday: “Lots of people who work at This Morning have known Phillip is gay for a few years.”

Schofields Sexuality an Open Secret

“It was an open secret among the team but none of them would have ever said anything about it publicly,” and one source alledges that he often took young gay guys “under his wing” and became a lover and mentor to them.

One show insider said, “Phillip is a very caring guy. Over the years he has supported others who are gay and made sure they feel comfortable to be themselves. There was one runner who was struggling to deal with his sexuality and Phillip was quick to offer support and become a mentor for him.”

Initially the public were very supportive of Schofields decision to come out but opinion has begun to turn toxic as it appears that his hand was forced by uncontainable rumours and threats to go public with affairs.

Much sympathy has begun to pour in for Schofields wife who according to the Express is “shattered” that her marriage to Phillip has effectively been based upon lies.

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