Distortion to Reality: Freemasons, Gaslighting and Gangstalking

How can two things that work almost completely in the shadows be easily tied together? The allegedly impossible to detect Gangstalking and its single player cousin Gaslighting are often linked with the Mystic Judaism based secret society, The Freemasons. An undetectable psychological attack that thrives off of its facelessness and an age old society that have huge membership but have somehow managed to actually conceal their identity for what could be over 3000 years depending on what you take as real. We look at the links between reports of Freemason behaviour and the silent psychological dagger of Gangstalking and Gaslighting.

Masonic Gangstalking, a distorted reality?

Masonic Gangstalking Gaslighting Hidden Dagger

Distortion of reality for a hapless victim or an actual distortion of reality? Whether you believe Freemasons to just be a quirkcharitable organisation who love privacy, anthropological faces, aprons and Israel or a malevolent manipulative cult who are steering the future of the planet (USA and Philippines have had almost exclusively Freemason Presidents for over 150 years now so it’s not without basis), it’s always best to take a step back and know that truth is often mixed with lies when it comes to secret societies.

The Freemasons are rumoured to deal with their enemies via systems that subvert success within lives. It’s said that by way of recruiting non-Masons and others by poisoning the character of the victim, they dismantle and occupy the life of someone considered a threat or an annoyance. Rumours of what’s known as “Masonic White Glove Treatment”, “”Silent Dagger” and “Slow Dagger” is a method by which Freemasons slowly take control of a victims life and build up a small group or helpers that ultimately all assist in destroying their finances, friendships and own self worth.

The Gangstalked Englishman

One account was of an Englishman who unbeknown to him had a wife who was a member of “The Daughters of Job”, or one of the other many female Masonic Fraternities practising Mystic Judaism (Kabballa). The marriage went sour and for reasons unknown, she didn’t want a divorce but wanted rid of him. Fights were instigated by her which backfired when she got arrested instead of the usual female position of shouting about spousal abuse. They reconciled and over the course of the next few years she took him inside a community of Crypto-Judaism practising Christians and by subtlty and stealth isolated him from Family and friends while they introduced Freemason friends and work colleagues thus cornering him.

Masonic Gangstalking Gaslighting Hidden Dagger

Normally such a thing would go undetected and it would all be chalked upto very poor luck but he began studying topics relating to her odd looking Christianity and worked out what was being done. Although very deep into the gangstalking, he was ready when the plan began to accelerate into the final controlled, undetected demolition of his life. He released the account anonymously and because of this it cannot be described as gospel but many read it and began to understand what they were experiencing.

What was most terrifying in the account was the variation of helpers. A family member, Christian groups who came with a smile and Freemasons exclusively becoming his small businesses cliental. From finances to spirituality to friends he was surrounded and what would normally have been an undetectable murder became a near escape

Masonic Gaslighting, Paranoia or Paranoia on demand

Gaslighting is the cousin of Gangstalking. Instead of going for the life setup of the individual and performing a sort of Trojan Horse mauling like Masonic Gangstalking, Gaslighting is the destruction of the person thus rendering them unable to combat or comprehend the eventual collapse. Subtle psychological games that destroy the victims personal self worth and perception of reality. The two pronged attack that is Masonic Gaslighting and Gangstalking is like binding someone while you have set a fire in another room of their house. A potent cocktail of fatal actions.

Masonic Gangstalking Gaslighting Hidden Dagger

Gaslighting often goes undetected until it’s too late. The victim is aware of what’s going on but ruined, no one believes them because on the surface of it they are a nervous wreck and isolation has limited their options as to who will help. This form of psychological attack takes many forms but they are always subtle to the point that they could actually be paranoia so voicing concerns can be counterproductive. Consider that at the same time the victim is looking like someone in freefall as they lose grip of securities in their life in undetected subversive scheming.

The Gaslighting of the Englishman

In the account of the Englishman, he experienced two separate attacks. The first failed coup on him ended with an arrested and extremely bitter wife who regrouped and surrounded him with Masons, Crypto-Judaism Christians and various other agents. He recounted how he became thoroughly dependent on her and attended her Crypto-Judaism Church before actually becoming a proper Christian and abruptly leaving. Again, not in the plan for him to do that so he was extremely fortunate.

He described consistent contention that seemed manufactured within the Church. Along with this his wife often told him of ill treatment by others and statements they had made to draw his ire thus causing him to row with others. She would then promptly mend ties leaving him out in the cold with shared friends. When he was left with very few people to turn to she began changing agreed times and denying original statements, intense noise around him where possible, bizare extended diatribes that were as exhausting to listen to as they were to deliver and other forms of mentally draining super-reality.

Fortunately for him he never really forgot the original attempt to sandblast his sanity and had learned techniques to combat such attacks. He wrote of how it was so subtle that even knowing still left quite a task. Being caught between defence and day to day without ending up mentally excausted took blocking out surroundings and focussing on unmovable positivity.

With Freemasons, it’s always a game of Chess. Sure, the chessboard within their symbols is about duality too but it also reminds them of the overall aims. From personal requests to aid “The Great Work” like helping ruin the rep and sanity of others like the fortunate Englisman or bringing in the correct leader, it’s always strategy quietly considered with no detection that matters. A good chessplayer doesn’t telegraph his moves.

Unfortunately, the account of the Englishman did finish on a sad note. He was forced to abandon a young family, perhaps what his wife anyway. To escape alive and aware is a personal victory but even then these methods reap destruction upon an individual.

4 thoughts on “Distortion to Reality: Freemasons, Gaslighting and Gangstalking

  1. Allan says:

    Hi, iam been gang stalked, for almost 5 years and I just moved 2 hours away without realising that all their friends live right here and they have the whole suburb watching me and following me 24/7 that I now have been in my house for 12 days just trying to keep my sanity, please help as they also carry metal bars undreneath their sleeves, they were hoping to catch me alive that’s why iam now trying to move out of here, they bring in huge trucks to my neighbours houses who are friends with them, to intimidate me!! I want to leave but iam svared!! There are 100 + they make sure I see how many of them there are to completely run through my head.


    • Ralph Christian says:

      Allan, they work on a psychological level, not violence. They are the same as the Scientologists, they study you, watch your movements and seek to mould your reality and self perception into areas where you will simply do these things to yourself. You just need to walk tall, know that they are powerless if your mind doesn’t allow in their games and to ignore them. Most of all, ignore them. It removes their bullets.


  2. Christopher says:

    I’m being gang stalked by masons also .

    It’s been going on all year..
    Just today a man pulled up and offered me a lift, I accepted and he told me he was a Freemason. I told him that I had a problem with an ex girlfriend who was stalking me and I believed she was a mason, he agreed and said she was, then he told me that they were going to kill me..
    I asked why and when panicked and he said he didn’t know, but soon..

    I called police they said there’s little they can do.
    I believe they’ve also been coming Intp my house when not home and coming into the back of the property at very early hours in the morning and doing some sort of ritual .

    They’ve isolated me from family and friends .

    I’m very very worried there going to murder me. What can I do please.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ralph Christian says:

      Firstly, remember that this is psychological attack. All stalking is and they have no weapons if you put up a wall of resistance. They are causing you to mentally self harm with their games. In order for Masons to go beyond their subtle psychological stuff they need very good reason and it very rarely happens. If you ignore them then you have removed their bullets. If one of them tells you they are a mason then tell them that you’re in the process of joining a lodge yourself and became interested through hermetic teachings and listening to Manly P Hall. Throw them a little of their own medicine. Masons can’t harm masons.


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