Philippines Crypto-Judaism, a Zionist Trojan Horse Jehovahs Witness Subversion of Jesus Christ in Christianity

Crypto-Judaism isn’t something you might normally associate with Jehovahs Witnesses or the Philippines but lets take a closer look at this bringing together other articles we have published and focussing on one fellowship in UK. GGICM or Gods Gift International Christian Ministries Ipswich is an example of a fellowship deeply in the clutches of Crypto-Judiam.

Philippines Israel, Covert Alliance

Philippines might well be 85% Catholic 5% Protestant but very little of this is the Christianity if the Bible. We have written a few articles on this topic but whether it’s the subtle references to Baphomet and Judaism within Iglesia ni Cristo or the JW Blackops where “Ex-Jehovahs Witnesses” covertly take over and destroy Christian fellowships, our research and info sent directly to us anonymously tells us that this is not just a problem within Philippines Christianity. This IS Philippines Christianity and the vast majority of Christianity practised in the Philippines is covertly paganism or Crypto-Judaism. The alliance between Philippines and Israel goes far deeper than just support at the UN (which was given under pressure from the US and not the heroic deed Filippinos will tell you). Judaizing within Fellowships is a huge problem and the net result is almost always a hard to identify crypto judaism.

Subtle Denial of Christ and use of “God”

Semantic deception is used within Phillipines Christian fellowships. Instead of “God” or “Jesus” this will be replaced with accuracy as “LORD” and “Jehovah” in order to keep with the names used in many occasions in the Old Testament, the holiest book of Judaism. In the picture below we see the lectern decorated with three seperate coverings but not a single one mentions either “God” or “Jesus”.

GGICM - Jehovahs Witness Crypto-Judaism Ipswich Hospital

Now that subtle Judaizing has done its work, “Jehovah Jireh” is used instead of any mentioned of “Christ” or “God” in decor by GGICM, an Ipswich based “Born Again” Christian fellowship that takes its leadership from a Crypo-Judaism Christian fellowship in New York which along with other members of authority within the fellowship have strong ties to Freemasonry and the Jehovahs Witness Cult. Since this photo was taken they have been divided as a fellowship when questions were being raised about the doctrine being taught. GGICM Ipswich is one of many “Filipino Churches” that have been infiltrated by strong Judaizing and ended up practising Crypto-Judaism.

This manifests in small ways. If Gods name is ever used then it is as “The God of Isaac, Abraham and Jacob” which keeps worship tied to the old testament and then worship of the “Ram in Thicket” of Genesis 22. This topic has its own article but the main point for this article is that they worship “Jehovah” and not Jesus Christ. The use of compound names is very much an area where confusion allows for deception. It’s notable that Kabbalah, the cryptic form of Judaism that is often described as “Jewish Mysticism” makes use of compound names.

The name Jehovah is also the most sacred name for Freemasons, the secret society that has produced almost every Philippines President of the last hundred years. The Philippines is estimated to have one of the highest percentage of Freemason members in the world. The Philippines flag itself is a carefully arranged Masonic Apron designed by Freemason President, Emilio Aguinaldo. The Katipunan, a Philippines secret society was ultimately Freemasonry which is in turn Judaism for Gentiles.

Creating Conflict to Remove True Christians

In the case of GGICM in Ipswich, the removal of true Christian doctrine creeping in was met with intentional placement of situations that created arguments. The contention was the doctrine of salvation by grace. Before a change of leadership was made by way of the main pastor and his family moving country, small discussion groups were created following the Sunday worship.

GGICM - Jehovahs Witness Crypto-Judaism Ipswich Hospital

These discussions almost always turned into polite conflict and the doctrine of salvation began to dominate sermons and study groups. This was all by design in order to create the environment whereby Christians who weren’t swayed by Judaism and the Philippines obsession with Israel could be removed. Basically, Christians who followed Christ and not “Jehovah” needed removing incase they took control once a replacement was required.

JW Formation Dancing and Divine Femininity

The inclusion of formation dances in white robes, similar in look to the ones worn by Mormons at their ceremonies (another form of Freemason created Crypto-Judaism as detailed in this articles) is often instigated. This is an occasion for subtle blasphemy of the Jesus Christ and the true God of the Bible.

GGICM - Ipswich Jehovahs Witness Crypto-Judiasm

At a GGICM anniversary celebration we see a Jehovahs Witness style formation dance that relates back to the dances of King Louis 14th of France, the Pagan ruler and self proclaimed “Sun King”. In the place of Christ we see a female dancer at the back, arms outstretched as a crucifix. The two dancers in front mimic the famed position of Mary as she cradles Jesus in many intentionally confusing Florentine Renaissance art pieces designed to raise Mary as divine femininity over Jesus Christ. Although possibly coincidental, the background decor adopts the Hasidic Judaism concept used by Freemasons and Kabbalists of Tsimtsum, the revealed and then concealed eyes of a deity through anthropomorphic arrangements.

Witch Aesthetic Anthropomorphic Faces of Tsimtsum
Tsimtsum Hidden Eyes Tetragrammaton

The word “occult” simply means hidden or clandestine so the Jewish concept of Tsimtsum whereby it is said that Jehovahs eternal light, known as the Ein-Soph is revealed but concealed certainly applies. The intentionally under defined but somehow over explained (as is the case with almost all Judaism) is also known as “Presence through Absense”. The simple truth is that it means “Eyes without a Face” through anthropomorphic faces. We have a gallery of this charting it’s use in broader occultism through Kabbalists and the more “Hip” use in Wicca.

Biblical Veil Hidden in Art Esoteric Meaning Crucifixion

While worship of the Virgin Mary is said to be the very last thing GGICM has within its doctrines, this is a very clear indication that it’s a subtle covert belief and part of the larger zionist agenda which is to debase the deity of Christ. See again that the decorations used do not refer to either “God” or “Jesus Christ” and instead it’s, “The Power of the Cross”, which in the case of the above dance is divine femininity and not Jesus Christ.

Old Testament Mystery Babylon ISIS

One rather overt doctrine sowed by GGICM that hasn’t been reported in other Christian fellowships who have been infiltrated by Crypto-Judaism and Jehovahs Witnesses is ISIS.

The goddess Isis encapsulates the divine femininity sought that’s a demonic overturning of what’s set out by God in Genesis 1-3 and reaffirmed by Paul in Ephesians. That God is a man and that men are designed to lead by way of taking on the dangerous positions and shielding the family and fellowship from danger. The modern idea of the Pastora is nothing more than a demonic doctrine meant to reduce Gods roles within Christian fellowships and raise up goddesses, something promised to Eve in Genesis 3.

GGICM Jehovahs Witness Crypto-Judaism Ipswich Hospital
GGCIM Jehovah Jireh Crypto-Judaism Ipswich

Dancing is mentioned very little in the New Testament and seldom in a good light but it appears in the Old Testament where it’s somewhat arbitrary whether or not it’s God talking or satan as “the angel of the lord” or just “LORD”. See 2 Samuel 24:1 and 1 Chronicles 21:1 where both God and satan are said to give the same command.

GGICM Ipswich Jehovah ISIS Church Hospital

The meaning and use of the ISIS wings at GGICM is exactly the same as the formation dancing that places a female in the place of Jesus in 2 places with Virgin Mary cradling him. Divine femininity to replace Jesus Christ headship within Christian fellowship and to remove His name from the thoughts of attendees. ISIS is a female replacement of Jesus hence the similarity between the wings and the crucifix.

This is all part of the larger Zionist deception that aims to remove Jesus from the minds of Christians by placing a subtle veil over their eyes through semantic deception and subliminal replacement of his deity.

moses horns serpent worship nehushtan

Note that a veil has been placed over the crucifix, a symbol of deception that we cover in this article here and how it has always been a symbol of satan hidden.

GGICM ISIS Worshipping Ipswich Jehovahs Witness Church

Crypto-Judaism Washing of Hands

The washing of hands within Judaism represents a great many things including and not restricted to removal of responsibility. Judaism in itself is incredibly closed off and requires years of study to break through the wall of mysticism the Jews have placed around it to keep it their own. Freemasonry, Jehovahs Witnesses and Mormons are all examples of Judaism decrypted and re-encoded for Gentiles.

GGICM Jehovahs Witness Ipswich Hospital
GGICM Crypto-Judaism Washing of Hands Jehovahs Witnesses

As we see above, the breaking of bread is accompanied by the washing of hands. What is notable about the breaking of bread at GGICM and is notable at other Christian Fellowships in the clutches of Crypto-Judiasm and JW Trojan Horse infiltration is the intentional lack of respect. Where Christians were asked to examine themselves and do so reverently, children were invited to partake who had no understanding and noise levels almost seemed to increase at this point.

This was raised by new attendees and was in part a reason for initiating a split as true Christianity inside a Crypto-Judaism Church has to be dealt with by creating division quite swiftly incase they take positions of leadership. That cannot happen in a crypto-judaism fellowship like GGICM.

Let’s hope they see the error of this wicked deceptive practice and that those who are true Christians seek another fellowship.

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