Don’t get lazy, they are smart

If you seek truth then you will eventually end up at a few crucial areas. Core reveals that all who look at the things in the world that either aren’t right or seem off key and then start making connections. You will doubt yourself many times along the way, have a share of red herrings and most likely have self created a few things with your woke mind.

Arches, sun and moon. Stanley Kubrick movies. Groups of directors in Hollywood. Large studios with sugary personas. Recognising new age stuff that’s actually Witchcraft. Knowing that the phoenix is key and kinda hating on J K Rowling. There is a bunch more but those are some key truths that are tied to large orgs and entities that serve an agenda that you only see because of the time you took to understand it all. Make no mistake, if you’re informed then that’s like completing an advanced 3 year degree. You can’t explain that over coffee and you probably underestimate the sheer weight of the things you have learned. It’s extensive, you’re a stayer and without realising you did something rhat most won’t, loved ones told you was a waste of time and ultimately shows you what you might be better off not knowing. Kinda thankless, right?

The actors studio coven witchcraft

Just to clarify, I’m talking the real agendas, not Alex Jones shows, a bit about Bohemian Grove and seeing the odd owl. I’m talking the stuff that kinda depresses you because it’s real, very nasty and most people are unaware.

And it’s here that I shall pose a question. With what you know you have to consider that the enemies of truth or deceived rich celebs and investors aren’t the brains behind the actions or the plan. As we see political realism played out infront of that most just accept are we then also in danger of the same? I’m not looking to make you doubt your hard earned thankless and lonely information, I’m putting it one and all that getting lazy isn’t good. What we oppose knows what’s know which is a vantage of power. I think back to the things that got me sniffing around the greater truth and it seems so obvious and I know now that it’s misused beyond that as a red herring to get people chewing on the same few things over and over. Misinforation to confuse and stifle.

Staying a step or two behind is key. Keep questioning and communicating with others. Put your info where it needs to be seen without putting yourself in danger (I had an account cleared out when I did that once, it get very real from there) and don’t sit back, don’t think they aren’t aware of you now know so keep one eye open always.

Mans Life Magazine

Kinda hard to write an article without mentioning details but those who know are who I am appealing to. Everyone else can think I’m a nutjob, I personally would rather they think me mad than see a weaker mind coping with these hard truths. It’s not always good so look after mental and physical state.

God bless you all.

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