Vampire Comforts, Jean Claude Van D, Walled City of Darkness and Newt Arnold

The walled city was probably the very best place for a vampire. A cake of buildings that wasn’t accidental (ask any architect) and was only really known to the world through a couple of movies referring to it and then countless documentaries after its destruction.

It remains the most densely populated place the world has ever seen with 33,000 residents within a one square mile area.


Bloodsport by Newt Arnold was the first time the world got to hear of The Walled City.



An apparent true story, it turned out that Bloodsport was a completely ficticious tale just like Newts other pictures, Bloodthirst, Hands of a Stranger and his last, Countess Draculas Orgy of Blood. Newt was part of the Guild of Directors and very respected by the likes of William Friedkin (director of The Exorcist) and Francis Ford Coppola but remained an elusive and undocumented figure to this very day. Even Google have the incorrect picture for him which is quite unusual…


…the real Newt isn’t Asian. His less vastly less successful  son is an often guest star on the show Lucifer. See below the real Newt Arnold…

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 11.17.58

The movie was conscious of this and threw out impossibly quantifiable stats (fasts KO kick world record) that were visibly not included within the movie. Add to that a scene where an actors laughs at what should be a very serious point of the movies climax show that Newt was throwing up reasons to question it.

Information is in general riddled with error when it comes to Kowloon Walled City, Newt Arnold and the area to this day. It shows that Google isn’t quite the authority on info when it comes to certain areas. See below the decision to block out the cycle path on the Carpenter Road Park, the park next to Kowloon Walled City Park and the location of the small Temple Pagodas outside The Walled City that still stand to this very day. Why block out the cycle path image? It looks a little facelike I guess, an angry OWL perhaps and they do remove facial images from their street view but not satellite. Very odd but it just goes to show that Google should clear up their info.



Blocked Owl Image


Remaining Temples

Newt did however make a great movie and the choreography of the fight scenes remains impressive to this day. He generally favoured Vampire movies but when he went outside of that at least he still sort of made one. After BLOODSport no vampire would be in any doubt about where to go and stay out of the sunlight, away from the police and in a completely closed off community.

bloodsport medal vampires kowloon


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