Procrastination, sinister panto, most worrying

It’s never good to be patriotic. It’s ok to be proud of elements of your culture. Paying homage to it by being the embodiment of what it is to be as who of what is admirable. It stems the rot by hanging on to what is good in societies. However, never let it be more than that. Defend your home, that’s wise but to blindly follow a cookie cutter culture and allow it to be your anchor in thought, moral and action is systematic idiocy. You have in part become a wave in humanities ripple at the cost of your individuality and self drive. Know the limits, focus on deeper and more meaningful things like what’s above, what code you’re adopting, accepting you’re fallen and just passing through this strange thing we call “human life”.


Brexit was destined to be undone. Betrayal has been on the cards since the very morning that shocked Newscasters and pollsters ate their hats and words if they had any. David Cameron stood down because to a chorus of News outlets agreeing internally overtly that “He simply has to go!” but with no central entity or person actually driving this dogma. This was the first turn of the cog that a plan of coordinated lies and trickery that would evolve to secret polls (when was the last time you heard any poll numbers?) with aim 1 through to 50, “REVERSE BREXIT”.

While being apolitical disengages you from the conflict and frustration, the collateral damage to the older, wiser ones who aggressively saw the aggressive EU for what they were before they were is indeed sad. They were right, those older on the right and then actual rights suddenly became less of a right.

If you can see it, if you’re able to attune your mind to what is darkness through your exposure to light then you will know what the intended route is. No polls = the game of persuasion, frustration and deceit hasn’t succeeded. When it is overturned so too will be cool tempers. This they know, this you and me know.


Climate protests that have been covered are staged. This fork attack hits the coverage of large Brexit protests and will ultimately be the reason for a public ban on protests after the climate protests cause huge staged problems.

It’s not good to be patriotic but defending your home is wise. The noxious fumes of deceit that even the atheists understand is part of a coordinated effort to bring in a liberal agenda of lies and ungodly ways are hard to ignore. They say Illuminati because they cannot understand it but the hand that drives this is not a human one.

Soon and very soon…

God bless.


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