Maps or Prophecies?

Biblical prophets weren’t actually known at the time for the Prophectic words they spoke. Most of it was hidden within definitive but cryptic words that wasn’t clear until sometimes upto 2000 years on. They were WisE men and the Kings recognised that they spoke in a certain way that was of note. They took rebuke and correction from them without ordering their heads off. They received the words as DivinE.

We have our own prophets in this modern age. George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and others. These are writers who most certainly spoke current truths before they came to pass. However, unlike Biblical prophecy there exists a smaller timespan, easily referenced past data, modern communications and potentially the covert RealPolitik long game of organisations and political movements. Let’s face facts, it’s not as impressive as the esoteric mirroring between New and Old Testaments. Huxley and Orwell COULD have used data and the curvature of mens behaviour to make those predictions. Societies had already fallen/risen within the themes they cover. Don’t get me wrong, it’s impressive but not quite the enlightenment of OLD.

There is another vantage to these later prophetic writing that I feel is broadly overlooked by very nature of the baggage it comes with. Could it be that they are neither prophetic/predictive and instead prescriptive? The idea that covert power exists to use such themes as cultural mapping could have you reaching for tinfoil but just as probable.

A suggestion would be to look at the who, what, where and why. Patterns are easily found.

Bladerunner – Philip K Dick/Ridley Scott

This cult classic and mother of all sleeper hits (due to a possibly intentional poor cinematic cut) predicts AI merging with humans and deals with the morals and ethics of AI not knowing that it’s AI.


Interesting fact, the intentionally ruined cinematic cut that’s all but forgotten against the superior Directors Cut and on used footage from the beginning of Kubricks The Shining. This daytime footage  was horribly out of place on account of Bladerunners sci-fi noir dark tone. A flag perhaps?


Minority Report – Philip K Dick/Stephen Spielberg

Profiling of citizens before they offend or “thought police” who poison the or criminalise views instead of actions is subtly emerging. Yup, subtle.




2001, A Space Odyssey – Stanley Kubrick, Arthur C Clarke

Travel to the moon (although it wasn’t far off) and CERN with Baphomet popping in through it are just a couple on this iconic work by the master of subliminal cinema, Kubrick.


You read it here first, the stargate patterns are in part random Frank Lloyd Wright window designs. If you know FLW then you will understand why that’s actually pretty important and a message should exist within that choice.


The Monolith appearing on the moon.

The Wrestler – Darren Aronofsky

Not a sci-fi but a movie thats esoteric messages are known to very few. Think Kubricks choice to use Crusie and Kidman, a real married couple to purvey to the audience that authenticity was a theme. In Aronofskys brilliant character study, the main story arc is Randy the Ram (Rourke) fighting another wrestler who calls himself The Ayatollah. A fictitious battle between Iran and the USA. Not that it was noticed, the actual news being far bigger, this was rumoured to be the case 5 of more years later…



There are countless more, many from those mentioned above but seek larger groupings too. Ethnic background is key.




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